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Weird Jelly-like substance in breastmilk?

I EP and last night while I was pouring breastmilk from one container to another, I heard a slight kerplunk and noticed a little splash.  I decided to pour it back to the first container and had the same result.  Upon examining it further, I noticed that there was a few what I can only describe as "jelly-like" substances in my milk - almost slimy and clear.  And not even like a hard jelly consistency, but more like... and this will sound a little gross, but like snot?  Anyone else have had this happen to them?  It happened at my 1am pumping session as well as my 6am pumping session and now I'm wondering how long it has been occuring...  Is this something that I should be concerned about?

I am also posting this on the breastfeeding board.

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