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Butt Paste or Triple Paste? (Poll)

Put Butt Past on my registry but not sure if I should change it.

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Re: Butt Paste or Triple Paste? (Poll)

  • We tried Desitin with DD and it made her butt soooo red and her skin was like peeling off.  We then moved to the Butt Paste which we have used since.  When she gets really bad diaper rash we actually use aquaphor and then put some baby powder on it.  That works best for us.  You'll probably have to try a bunch of different ones since every baby has different skin.
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  • I'm sure this is one of those things that will be different for each baby. DD1 had a really bad rash at about a month old. It hadn't spread a lot, but what was there would bleed a bit. We tried: butt paste & desitin and neither were doing any good. We took her to the Doctor and she recommended the Triple Paste and then also prescribe bacitracin since it was kinda an open sore. That combo cleared it up.

    We use a cream called Dr. Smith's every now and then for prevention that we really like. I like that it doesn't have that diaper creme smell - I hate the smell of Desitin.  

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  • We used to use Butt Paste, but the nurses at the hospital and our pedi always recommended Triple Paste.  I like it so much more -- it is super thick, stays on, doesn't smell, and, most importantly, seems to WORK when nothing else will.  I use it mostly as a barrier.  If there is a rash, I'll often put something underneath it (like nystatin if it is a yeast rash), then coat with Triple Paste.
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  • Butt paste worked for DS #1, but when one of the twins had really bad diaper rash, it did nothing for him.  We had to use bacitracin/hydrocortisone/ triple paste for him.  You will have to try and see what works, but I would try butt paste before triple paste because it is slightly cheaper.
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  • For everyday we use Aquaphor.  For diaper rash we use a 1:1 mix of Aquaphor and Maalox per our pedi's recommendation.

  • DD#1 I never used anything.  She never had diaper rash until she was 19 months old and her diaper got quite a bit neglected when I was in the hospital. 

    My twins I use aquaphor at night only.  When they do get the occasional rash, Triple paste works best for them.

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  • For everyday use, just Vaseline. But when our guys had a really bad diaper rash a month ago, our pedi recommended Triple Paste topped off with baby cornstarch, and that did the trick.
  • I like them all. I think Triple Paste is good for heavy-duty diaper rashes but Butt Paste is good for occasional redness. We also like the A&D Ointment. I've used Balmex as well. It was fine.
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