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Need new OB in Moore/Norman

My husband and I are in our 3rd cycle of TTC and I'm finding myself thinking I need a new OB. I currently see Dr. Bethel. Actually, her assistant is who I see for my annual exams; however, I saw Dr. Bethel for my preconception check-up and I was not satisfied. I felt like the appointment was a waste of time and that I could have had a more positive experience with another doctor. Any suggestions on a good OB in the Moore/Norman area? I'd prefer a female Dr but that's mainly because that's all I've ever used. Thanks for the help!

Re: Need new OB in Moore/Norman

  • Ive heard Dr. Parker is really good. Also any of the other Dr.'s in her practice. Can't remember the name of her office. BUt just google Dr. Parker. She is a woman, i think that there is a male dr also in the area with same last name.


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  • Dr. Andrea Miller in Moore (practices out of the Moore Medical Center) is wonderful!
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  • I am currently with Dr. Nikki Jarvis. She may look like she is 12 but she is wonderful.I also know many of the nurses and staff at nrh and she comes extremely recommended.She also seems to be more resonable about financial things. I have to have a c_section and she charges the same price as a vaginal birth and some doc charge nearly double for something that is not my choice.
  • i'm seeing dr. john cherry at the moore hospital.  i did not start seeing him until after i was pregnant, but i really like him. 
  • Parker, Porter or Jarvis.  Good luck, I haven't heard the best things about Bethel either.
  • I also recommend Dr. Jarvis. I just switched to her and I love her!! Her office is quiet and the staff are all very friendly.
  • I highly recommend Dr. Ollar-Shoemake.  She is AMAZING!
  • Dr Nicole Jarvis LOVE LOVE LOVE her. She was my ob with ds and now with this baby. She is so sweet and comforting if you need it.
  • I used Dr Porter with my son years ago. His bedside manner leaves something to be desired for some people (he's blunt, sometimes tells you what to do without all of the why, etc), but at the end of the day my son and I both left healthy, despite some fairly serious complications.
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  • I just did a birth with Dr. Huebert at Norman HealthPlex and she was great. (I'm a doula) I normally don't recommend any Dr at that hospital but I was impressed with her.
  • Dr. Hinojosa she is with Moore Care for Women but since the hospital got destoryed she is in the office building next to the Healthplex. 
  • Dr cherry is accepting new patients. Its a guy but hes married with kids AND His staff is a hell of alot nicer than dr bethels
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