What has been your routine for losing weight? What worked for you? I'm having a hard time losing that last 10lbs of baby weight (plus a bit more). I start on the Nuva Ring this month, I wonder if it will help or hinder? Any advice is appreciated!


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    i can only lose weight when on BCP... so i'm on it probably forever.

    i did jenny craig last year and lost 27lbs.. just 3lbs from my wedding day weight.  I have gained back 7 of those- and plan to go back to Jenny for another month or two so i can lose the 7 + another 5 or so.

    in the past i have done well with low carb- but that requires a lot more planning and cooking by me - which i don't have time for- another reason jenny was so great = fast and easy to do.

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    I went back on bcp a couple months pp and sadly I haven't lost as much as I thought I would.  I still have about 20 pounds to get down to pre-pg weight and then another 20 or so to my ideal. 

    The only thing that really works for me is cutting back (not totally out) on carbs and walking about 40 minutes at least 3-4 days a week.  I was able to do that for about a month and lost about 7 pounds, but fell off the wagon.  Hoping to get back on this week.

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    I haven't started trying to lose weight (I'm waiting till after I'm done BFing), but Nutrisystem worked well for me to lose about 30 lbs before our wedding. I might go back on it to kick these last 15 lbs once my body is my own again...

    ETA: I was also on Metformin before; not sure if I'll be going back on. I don't typically use any birth control.

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    Low carb worked really well for me, but DH is a big pasta and bread fan so it's hard when he's at home. If its just me and the kids, its alot easier since that temptation doesn't come into the house. I did Weight Watchers for 6 months and lost weight, I think it really helped because breads and pasta cost a lot of points so I tended to eat less of them so kinda along the low carb line.

    I haven't noticed a difference to when I'm on the pill and when I'm not, I know I gained when I went on it, but not much and I haven't lost since being on it.

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    Obviously, I have not tried to lose weight after children yet. 

    The Dr. who diagnosed me with PCOS asked that I read and follow the Insulin Resistance Diet by Hart & Grossman.  It was the first time I ever felt like I was not on a diet and it worked wonders. 

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