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Old Navy: Vent

Old Navy's having their baby sale- super cute clothes!

 I had the afternoon off so I went there today. The girl at the checkout asked if I was buying clothes for my kids or someone elses (really? You can't just check me out without examining and needing justification for each purchase).

  And then after I tell her I'm pregnant she looks at me and says "Wow, and you're buying clothes already? That's crazy". WHAT?!? I'm four months pregnant... it's not like I just found out. Obviously she has never known any pregnant women or she would know... emotions run high and saying anything but compliments is not reccommended.

 On the upside... got some cute stuff with a good discount.

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Re: Old Navy: Vent

  • That sucks!  I would have probably gotten mad AND probably would have said something rude in return....which Old Navy did you go to so that I know not to go there?????
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  • Weird you guys have the same due date  lol  I wish I knew if it is a girl or boy I would love some baby clothes shopping right now!
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  • The Old Navy in Mountain View... made me crabby! lol

     I don't know if we're having a boy or girl yet, but just can't resist buying baby clothes anyways! I have a strong boy feeling and have since I found out I was pregnant, but am still buying a few girl clothes too. I'm justifying it with the fact that are having at least two more kids after this! :)

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  • I think i am having a boy too!!!!  i go to the doctor next wednesday and i am REALLY hoping I can find out what we are having then.  the last time i went in for an ultrasound (like 2 weeks ago we couldnt tell because the baby had the cord in between the legs....I think it is funny that we are due at the same time!  Man...and the mountain view old navy is closest to me....
  • I hate ON sometimes and love it other.  I am holding off on baby clothes right now since we are team green.
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  • I know... the Mt. View one is closer to me too. But with $7 shipping it's sometimes easier to just shop online. And I spend less... when the cute little clothes are right there it's too hard not to scoop them up!
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  • My Old Navy in MV today: Went in to check out hte baby clothes and the store was a DISASTER!  I tried to check out the teeny tiny maternity section and i could not find anything.  I am a small/medium girl and everything was XL and L and completely trashed.  So I am going to do as everyone else does and order online!  I did not even get to the baby clothes because after the maternity section i was just completely irritated!
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