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Hot air balloon festival next wk

Just wanted to let you ladies know about a hot air balloon festival in OP next weekend (Sept. 17-19). It's free admission, but proceeds (I guess from concessions & the $5 parking fee) benefit the Boys & Girls Clubs, American Stroke Foundation, and KC Hospice (where I work). There are kids' activities and concerts in addition to the hot air balloons.

The website is

My parents took me to hot air balloon festivals when I was a kid and I loved them. DS is obsessed with airplanes and balloons so I'm really excited to take him!

I was also looking on KC Parent mag's website and found a list of other festivals in the area this fall in case you are looking for things to do with your LOs!

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Re: Hot air balloon festival next wk

  • TFS...I think we are going to do the balloon festival!

  • Thanks for posting! We were already planning on going. We don't even have children yet, but we still enjoy going to these festivals. It is just such a neat sight to see no matter what your age!
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  • They also have a FB page (!/GMBFest) and I just noticed this-

    The balloon glows in the evening are amazing and great for kids. Those don't start until 8:00 pm so it's only for kids who can stay up late. There will be tons of kids activities from 10 - 4 on Sat/Sun. See more at:
    Also the early morning flights will begin at 7 AM and last for about an hour or so.

    The evening flights will be about 5:30ish and balloons will launch when ready and the activities can last until close to 7:30. The glows start at dusk.


    I think we will probably go down there for the evening launch Friday or Saturday. I looked up Balloon Glow (they really need a better schedule with definitions!) and it is when they inflate the balloons at night but keep them tethered to the ground. They periodically fire off the propane to keep the balloons inflated and that makes it look like they're glowing. Sounds neat, but not something that DS can stay up for at this point!

    Danayandcory- Absolutely! I love festivals! I went to the kite fest the past 2 yrs and wished I would've known about it even before DS was born. It was so fun just to sit & watch!

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