my ILs agreed to watch the boys for us when i'm at work!

i can't believe how relieved i am. 

i work for my family so i have a very flexible leave policy (basically, there will always be a job for me when i am ready to go back, no matter when that is), but all i know for sure is i have 12 weeks paid (thank you STD and NJFLI.)  after that it's still up in the air.  add onto that the new-to-us car we needed and the addition we're putting onto our house, and the fact that we have a nearly 5 year old who started kindergarten today and needless to say, it's been a mess.

after they came up to see DD get off the bus for her first day of school we went to dinner, then out for ice cream.  DH brought up the idea with them and they were all for it.  thank the lord.  i still have my reservations but i've done a lot of soul searching and i think it has more to do with the fact that my ILs are not my mom who had been watching DD and passed away over 4 years ago.  so i took my big girl pill and got over it (or at least, stopped refusing) and i have to admit i am very happy.

so thanks to my ILs we'll be saving just shy of $30K in a year.  Indifferent

proof that i make babies. jack, grace, and ben, in no particular order

Re: my ILs agreed to watch the boys for us when i'm at work!

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