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Probably a weird idea, but anyone ever "play" with FF?

Not to fudge the results, however! But I can't be the only one who has entered hypothetical temps for the future just to see what would sway FF, only to remove them in the end.

I've been toying around with it and it seems like almost no matter what my temp is tomorrow, it will be giving me solid CH on CD 14... however, if temps don't dip, on Friday it's going to move my CH to CD 16, which my feeble, non-software mind thinks is accurate due to OPKs and possible O twinges at about 2 this morning. 

 I'm just very intrigued by how FF calculates things. I know some ladies will discard temps and override things, which I hear isn't really recommended. I'm not changing anything about my chart, for better or for worse. I want accuracy. Just... is it common among the obsessive checkers to put in some "what if" scenarios?

Maybe I shouldn't admit that it's fun. ha. Getting excited about charting is probably a sign that one desperately needs a hobby :(

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Re: Probably a weird idea, but anyone ever "play" with FF?

  • I've done it. In fact I did it this cycle because I could have sworn I had ovulated CD 16, but my temps don't show it. (what if my temps were really slightly higher but my thermometer rounded down?? lol)  Unless I changed my temps, there's no way FF would move my CH's.  Oh well. 
  • I've played around to see how it changes hypothetically, but I only enter the actual temps. I'm still too new to temping to doubt FF at this point. (Only been temping for a couple months. Interestingly, I have noticed that FF shows me ovulating a couple days AFTER my O cramps. I talked to my doc about it at my last appt and she said that this is common and that any part of O'ing can cause discomfort. 
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  • for sure... def. not to fudge actual results (what the heck would be the point in doing that?) but to put hypothetical temps into future dates to see what it would do w/my CH's/O date.
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  • I did this too while waiting to O last cycle. When I got my positive OPK I started putting in phantom temps to see what my O date would be. I took them back out obviously, but it was fun to see what could happen. Smile
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  • I play around with it when I am getting close to O date and after I've gotten an elevated temp to see if a few more days of high temps will give me CHs.

    My first full month temping I discarded two temps due to travel which gave me the wrong O date (CD 8), causing me to go 18 days thinking I was in the 2WW, before undiscarding the temps and letting FF move my O date to the correct CD 16. It sucked. I will be super careful before discarding temps. I now trust FF wholeheartedly LOL.

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  • I play with FF all the time! I often enter a couple of fake temps to see when it will give me crosshairs (and then take them out, of course!).

    This morning, I entered fake temps to see if FF would consider my chart "possibly triphasic" if my temp stays where it was this morning for the next few days - it would!

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  • phew! So glad I'm not weird... or maybe I'm just not the only weird one, whatever works! 

    I just had a hunch that I'd get CH tomorrow morning but I personally doubt it, so I wanted to see what FF would do. I was way off on temp time for the past 3 days so I'm not sure how reliable they are. To get a -OPK on CD 13, +OPK on CD 14 and 15, but to have O'd on CD 14 just seems odd to me. Looks like it'll seem odd to FF, too, if my temps are good until Friday. 

     Makes my 2ww a little further away, but it we would have then had perfect timing, I think. Glad I got the VIP membership because it gives me a lot of little things to mess with and look at.

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  • I put in fake temps all the time to see what FF says. 

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  • I play with the future temps all the time. I find it very interesting!
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