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She knows just how to annoy me

AF that is - this is the ONE month I want her here - b/c it means I'll be CD1 and I can get this party started.  Trust me, in a month, I'll be wishing her away.  But she's takin' her own sweet time (my last BC pill was Saturday, she's usually here Tues, sometimes Wed). 

You hear me, AF - when I want, you come, when I don't stay away (if only it were that easy)

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Re: She knows just how to annoy me

  • If you just stopped BC, you might be in for a long, bumpy ride.  Better start practicing your patience!  Good luck to you! 

    PS- I know exactly how you feel.  I got my first CHs on ff this month (5 months of being of BC) and I'm pretty sure it's a mistake.

  • I know - I just kinda wish the ride would start.

    Btw, how do you get your ticker to come up every time?  Sorry I'm dumb

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  • imageNithyaV:

    I know - I just kinda wish the ride would start.

    Btw, how do you get your ticker to come up every time?  Sorry I'm dumb

    After you create your ticker on FF, it will give you a html code.  You copy and paste that into your signature in your profile and it will show every time you post.

  • For a second, I thought you were posting about me!  

    LOL just kidding.

    I came off BC's in late April... didn't chart for one month but had a normal length cycle, had a normal cycle the 2nd cycle (1st I charted), then just when I thought I was getting the hang of it, BAM, a 40+ day cycle. Looks like this one is going to be normal too.  

    I posted asking about others' experiences and it seems like it is pretty common even when you come off BCP to have a wacky cycle 3 or so cycles in, just to eff with your head a little :)  Hopefully you will have a different experience but good luck nonetheless!!! 

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  • I feel you there!! Ive never in my life wanted my AF to show up more than now. Its crazy. Came off Mirena Aug 2nd. Trying to learn how to chart what is going on with my body has been a learning experience.
  • Get ready for a wait :) my first month off bcp I had to wait 35 days .i was one grumpy girl. Be prepared for the worst .
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