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Need protein menu ideas for DS

I cant seem to find protein ideas that DS can eat.

He has no teeth yet and cant really seem to "chew" chicken pieces and gags on them. We eat gound beef with pasta sauce, but thats all I can think of to give him.

What are some other things I can give as protein?

Re: Need protein menu ideas for DS

  • string cheese, ground turkey, black beans, kidney beans, shredded rotisserie chicken, eggs (scrambled), quality lunchmeat (gasp!)
    DS 8/29/09 (3yo) DD 11/29/11 (8mo)
  • We do lots of cheese and eggs. DD loves spaghetti (she has no teeth yet either but can manage the ground beef). 
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  • I did chicken in a crock pot - adding a bit of broth, and the chicken shreds great.  I just cut the pieces small.  DD loves shredded chicken.  I also made her mini meat balls with a cookie scoop that I break up into smaller crumbles for her.  I added minced sauteed minced zucchini, garlic and onion in them.  We cannot do dairy/soy/eggs and beans make her miserable.  She also gets venison crumbles.  We only have two teeth.
  • My little guy really likes tofu and fish, though I also offer egg, turkey, shredded chicken, and beans.
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  • Beans of all kinds are the only way to DS get any protein 
    Baked beans are his favorite.
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