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Any suggestions on camcorders?

Super annoyed... we got this Samsung MemoryCam at our shower that seemed like it'd be really good. I uploaded the disk to my computer (bought in Feb. so, brand new.) and I went and bought the new memory card for it and took a little "trial" video which played back on the camcorder itself. I followed all directions in the little how to book, but when I connected it to my computer through the USB port it said Card Error and then my computer went to blue screen and restarted itself. Now my new camera just keeps saying card error and won't do anything! Of course I have to wait until tomorrow for a Level 2 tech from Samsung to call me back. If this doesn't work I'm just going to have to exchange it I think. I want to record so much of this end of pregnancy, labor, and our baby. (NOT delivery, lol)  if I do have to exchange it, any suggestions on what's good? This one was in the $200 range. We opted for this one as oppossed to the FLIP ones because I figured it'd hold more video. Am I wrong? I don't know a hell of a lot about electronics. TIA!

Re: Any suggestions on camcorders?

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