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Very frustrated with PT

Okay, DD will do a wonderful job with potty training without anything on.  If she runs around naked all day, she will go on the potty and gets very excited about it.  I am estatic about that.

 The issue is, as soon as we put ANYTHING on her bottom, she thinks she can just go.  I went a day with a loose pair of cotton shorts on her and nothing else, and she wet her pants many times.  I place Training pants on her when we go away and she refusese to let me change her because she insists that her diaper is dry, although it is about to explode. 

She has been doing so well without anything on her bottom for months now, how can I get her to transition from having loose pants and eventually underwear then underwear and pants???  I have tried positivie reinforcement.  I have tried talking to her about the difference between a good girl and a baby, I have given her treats for incentives but nothing works.  Anyone have any suggestions?  Sorry for the long post.

Re: Very frustrated with PT

  • I would actually be asking this on the PTing board at the top of the page!  Best of luck Smile
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  • Have you tried letting her pick out her own underwear?
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  • We are only a few days in, but ds has been doing the same thing.  I like the idea of letting her pick out her own panties....
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