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I suffered from a ruptured ectopic pregnancy on July 3rd (7/3), I started BC (yasmin) on July 4th (7/4) (per doctor instructions) I had a normal period on July 29th (7/29) that lasted 4 days. On August 1st (8/1) I stared my BC again (this time YAZ) on August 29th (8/29) which was the 1st ACTIVE pill of nexts month pack I bleed from 11:00am- 3:00pm. No bleeding on August30th (8/30), and some bleeding on August 31st (8/31) but nothing was needed (tampons) this was also my 3rd active pill for the moth. On Monday August 30th (8/30) I started getting a metal weird taste in my mouth. I also have had frequent urination the whole month of August and to this day (4 times a night and all day- worse at night) Is this a normal side affect, or normal experiances with the BC YAZ. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH MY BODY??? Anyone please help. Should I put a call in to my doctor?

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