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When to take away the bottle?

Hi ladies I was just curious if any of your pediatricians have brought this up yet. DD is 10 months and recently cut 4 teeth. I was just wondering if I should be giving her sippy cups during the day or am I supposed to wait until she is a year. My Pedi is very short with me and doesn't really tell me anything unless I ask and we don't go back until November so I was just curious. TIA
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Re: When to take away the bottle?

  • I was just researching this today. DS will be 9m in less than a week, and I am starting to wean him off of the bottle. We won't switch to whole milk til closer to 1y, but in what I was reading the earlier the better - the longer you wait, the harder it will be...

    http://www.babytipsonline.com/weaning is the site I was reading, and this http://www.munchkin.com/products/detail.html?section=prodCategories&ID=10021&pID=1102 is the cup DS uses. He drank his formula from his cup for the first time tonight, with no issues! :o)

    Good luck.

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  • My pedi sd he wanted her on a sippy cup only by 15 months which actually seemed really late to me. I had been trying to introduce the Nuk sippy cup for awhile. The other day I gave it to her with formula in it and she took it right away. Now she drinks only from sippy cups we have one Nuk one and a few Munchkin ones. (we used the ventaire bottles) HTH
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  • Our pedi hasnt said anything but I have been trying to wean lately too. Thanks for the site. So far, DD will not take formula from a cup. And we use the same munchkin ones.
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