Toddlers: 24 Months+

Daily check in/questions.... if you are game...

Here is the list I have made:

Mondays - AW! Be an attention whore! Share about your great weekend, what your child is doing, what is great for YOU. Also, I want to add sharing ideas on this day. Have a great potty training tip? Idea for a craft? Share it here. Also share any upcoming goals that you hope to reach. This day is all about the positive!

Tuesday - Be thankful. Tell us what you are so thankful for. 

Wednesday - Wicked Wednesday. Share your mid week bittches. What is eating at you this week?

Thursday - Unpopular Opinions. Share them today.

Friday - FFFC. Fess up girls, what have YOU done/ate/thought this week??


I am going to ask eesome to take over Fridays for me (please and thank you in advance!). If anyone else could take a day, let me know. Your only responsibility would be to make one morning post (and should we XP to Preschool?).


THANKS! I'll start tomorrow!

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Re: Daily check in/questions.... if you are game...

  • Works for me! I will start FFFC this Friday. : )

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  • I'll help with a day!!!
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  • I can take Thursdays :)

    PM me and let me know when to start!



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