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I am breast feeding and my pediatrician told me that we should be using a pacifier when she sleeps because of the SIDS risk.  BFDing is going very well but I am not sure yet if I am ready to give her a pacifier yet because I have heard that it is harder on BFDing.  I only want her to use the pacifier when she sleeps.  I don't want her sucking on it all day long.  Any ideas?  What are all of you doing with this??

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  • It's a personal decision for sure.  We used a paci from day one in the hospital b/c Drew had an unbelievable need to suck.  It was a huge comfort to him and a life-saver for DH and I.  We used it very carefully though - never in place of feeding or to hold off a feeding.  Only when I couldn't take the comfort sucking any more or when he went down for naps. 

    We never found the paci to interfere with BFing.  Unless there are latch problems already, I personally don't believe that a pacifier can lead to nipple confusion.  Drew knew the difference between the breast for food and the paci for comfort.  ETA: I know that b/c anytime he was hungry he would immediately spit out the paci and keep crying.  It only soothed him when his belly was full.

    If he hadn't needed/wanted it so badly, I probably would not have used one.  Just another thing to wean him off of later. 

    p.s. what does the D in BFD stand for?

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  • My daughter had latch issues but never wanted a paci as a newborn.  Now at 6 months out of no where she wants a paci and has to have one ALL the time.  But from birth until 6 months she actually used her hand or thumb to paci or soothe herself and it was awesome because there was no waking up in the middle of the night to put the paci back in.  Our pedi said we were actually lucky to have this vs. a paci.  However, now it honestly sucks because she used to sleep through the night, now she wakes up 4 times a night wanting someone to push the paci back in.
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  • Thanks ladies!  The D in BFD was a typo...
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