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Let me see 'em!!!!


Re: Let me see 'em!!!!

  • I'll play!  Sam Worthington so yummy...

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  • imagemissAntebellum:

    Ryan Reynolds, he is gorgeous!


    I guess we all have hots for Ryan...Wink

     Oh my, I do love me some RR (that's my personal nickname I call him when he's being ornery) Stick out tongue

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  • imageNMscubagirl:

    Ryan Reynolds, he is gorgeous!


    Ok I have the same picture in my siggy, but of Hugh Jackman! Do you think they just cut and pasted some heads??!!!  

    ETA: the same as the picture in your siggy! and now that I look at it, it is clearly a cut and paste job....  

    That is too funny!
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    Best Wishes to my labor buddy FunNSunAZ!

    "Well I've waited so long, so long, so long For someone like you And as this morning breaks through the window pane It reveals the truth Baby, you're my sunshine, first light Find your way to places that only know lies Failed tries and bruised skies With hardly time to hold on or be strong, now I'm strong 'Cos like the dawn you push it all away I tell ya, you're my sunshine
    Everybody needs a little sunshine"
    Steve Azar "Sunshine"
  • I will play too!

    Already excited for hockey season here, so I picked Pittsburgh Penguin Sidney Crosby!

    I don't think any pictures do him true justice, he is beautiful, rugged, and an awesome athlete. ::drool::

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  • imagemsmarsh:

    You'll get me in trouble at work with that big picture!Wink

    Oh!!!! Robbie Williams is so dreamy! Thanks for making my night Ricola : )

    My pleasure :-)

    DS born 12/2011
    DD born 03/2014

  • Ryan Gosling ... swoon. He's the reason I get sucked in to watching The Notebook every single time it's shown on TV.
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  • I'm late but wanted to share how freaking hot I think Taylor Kitsch is plus make sure my siggy worked correctly.
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  • This is so much fun!  I have loved Ewan McGregor ever since he was a skinny, dirty junkie in Trainspotting.  His #1 status in my eyes was forever sealed by Moulin Rouge.  Swoon.  Christian Bale is a close second, so thanks to the other ladies that have featured him this month.
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  • Here's mine :)
    Married 7.5.08
    BFP 12/10/10 - DD1 8/16/11
    BFP 10/29/13 - c/p 11/2/13
    BFP 11/29/13 - DD2 7/18/14
    BFP 3/20/18 - DS1 due 12/2/18
  • I'm hoping mine isn't a big fail, like before.

    Jake Gyllenhaal

  • imageloveypants:
    And the only truely awesome vampires, Spike and Angel!


    LOVEY! Don't you steal my boyfriend! :) (see siggy) I have LOVED David Boreanaz since his Buffy days. :)

    Mommy to Rachel 1.15.06 and Ashley 5.17.11
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  • I'm really late to the party, but here is my Hugh!
  • I am late to the game, but I finally got my up. Two hunky vampires! Yum!!
    Diabetic, 2IF, PCOS; blessed beyond words to be called "mommy" to Drew (6/30/09) and Alynn (5/16/11).
    Parenting author for Women of Worth. Mom Blogger and photographer.

     Andrew David: mixed receptive/expressive language phonological disorder, sensory processing disorder, Disruptive Behavior disorder-nos and insomnia.

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  • Finally got mine up today. I decided to with the 5 from my "list" (a la "Friends"). A wide array and probably some seemingly odd choices, but I love them all.

    Robert Redford, George Clooney, Vin Diesel, Harry Connick Jr., and Taye Diggs

    Proud Doxie Mommy

    TTC #1 since Sept. 2009 - DX unexplained IF March 2011 - "Surprise" BFP March 2012
    DS born via c-section 11/17/12
    TTC #2 (or, not TTA) Nov. 2013
    BFP #2 8/22/14, Missed M/C 6w2d, Discovered 7w4d/Official 8w6d, D&C 9/27/14
  • SO SUPER late--but i just came back from my weekend! so here he is-

    Robery Downey JR.

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