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NTTGPR: Dinner Suggestions Please

I took a round steak out for dinner but w/ no plans for it and don't want to go searching through recipes. Any suggestions for what I could make with it? We like most anything here but the more flavor, the better! TIA Yes
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Re: NTTGPR: Dinner Suggestions Please

  • what about some kind of stir fry? that'd be easy and pretty tasty, just throw whatever veggies you have lying around the house in, find an easy marinade with soy sauce online (I know, I know you don't want to search...but at least it's not a whole recipe). 

    Good luck, I haven't even thought about dinner. I'm thinking Velvetta Mac & Cheese. hah! 

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  • Steak fajitas are always good if you have some veggies to throw in and tortillas.
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  • We don't do much red meat at our house, so I don't have any suggestions, but I do love and for recipes!  You can search by ingredients or recipe ratings, plus both offer lots of user comments to help tweak if needed.
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  • I'm making a teriyaki chicken calzone with breadmaker pizza dough, is that an option for a teriyaki beef one?
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