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Advice on completing my CD stash, please!

I'm a first time mom and am planning to CD from newborn stage onward. I have a washer dryer in my apartment so I can wash frequently. I was lucky to get the beginnings of a CD stash as presents and hand me downs - see list below. I would love to know what you ladies think I need to complete my stash - i.e. what else do I need right away to be ready to CD a newborn? and what else do I need to get a couple of months down the road as baby grows? Thanks a bunch!


  • 6 size 0 Kissaluv Fitted Cotton Fleece Diapers 
  • 6 small prefold bleached cloth 


  • 1 small Thirsties cover with Velcro
  • 1 small Baby Beehinds 100% wool with aplix 
  • 1 one-size Thirsties duo wrap snap
  • 1 medium bummis super snap
  • 3 medium gDiaper  covers with 6 snap-in liners (these are hand me downs that I will probably put cloth inserts into at home and perhaps use the biodegradable inserts when out & about) 


  • 2 wetbags
  • 2 pail liners
  • 32 cloth washcloths to use as wipes
  • Charlie?s Soap 

Re: Advice on completing my CD stash, please!

  • You need more diapers. Especially with a newborn, a dozen might get you through a day, if that. I'd get at least another dozen prefolds, and more fitteds. I like VeryBaby fitteds and KL0s, or you can try Thirsties Fab Fitteds

    I would get some sized covers, for example some nb Bummis whisper wraps or XS Thirsties covers (I guess now it would be a Size 1 Thirsties Duo Wrap). Not many, I'd say you want 4-6 to get you through.

    Snappis to secure the prefolds. You can get away with 1 or 2.

    A diaper pail (as easy as a trashcan) would be a good idea

    As far as beyond the newborn stage, look into OS diapers and see what you want to try out. Once baby gets to 10-12 lb, you can start using the OS diapers.

  • I agree with PP...defintely need more diapers.  We have 30 in our NB stash and do laundry every other day.  I have 10 size 0 kissaluvs, 10 BumGenius Fitteds, 6 covers and 10 BumGenius all in ones.  I like the variety, plus I'm already discovering that different styles/brands work better on different babies.  Glad I didn't go with all of one thing!
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  • I'm still gathering my supplies but I have always read you need at least 2 dozen diapers in the newborn stage, even with doing laundry every 2 days.  Don't commit yourself to less and say that you'll do it everyday, you never know.  I'm going with 2 dozen prefolds, which I"ll later use as liners.  For past the newborn stage I want to try out a few all in one sizes, and a few pockets.  Once he starts sleeping longer I'll have to try those things out to get the absorbency right, which varies by baby just as with disposable brands.  Here's a link to a review a fellow bumpie wrote over a period of time:

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  • What we did for both of our kiddos is use sposies the first few weeks because they go through so many.  Once the number of diapers used decreased we used only cloth.  I have about a dozen for our little guy and use sposies at night (usually just one now, but sometimes he wets a lot and we use 2).  I wash his diapers every 1.5-2 days.  But it works for us.  I have noticed that the elastic on a few is starting to give out since we used them with our first as well. 

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  • We went through 10-12 diapers a day when he was a newborn.

    Once he was about 10 lbs, we started using BG Organic OS, BG 4.0 Pockets and Flip OS. We love them all! The Flips work well for us and are the cheapest of the OS diapers we have.

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  • I'd get about 24 more prefolds and 4 more covers!
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