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Compression stockings?

I've started having some swelling in my feet/ankles in the pm, and my OB gave me an order for some uber-sexy knee high compression stockings because "if it's starting now it's only going to get worse". Joy.

So I'm wondering - I've been given my "rx" for a place in Rockville called Cheryl's Heath Boutique. It's not for custom stockings, just in stock knee highs of a certain compression.

 I have no idea if this is something that is covered by my insurance or not, but is this the type of thing I could get at any number of places besides a specialty boutique? Any recs of other places so I can price check a few?

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Re: Compression stockings?

  • They are probably covered as durable medical equipment (or DME) on your insurance.  Which means that you probably have to pay a certain percentage, and may have to pay all of them up to a certain deductable.  I'd call your insurance company and ask.

    They'd definitely be covered under FSA, if you put money aside.

    I just bought a $250 piece of DME a couple months ago (my nifty knee walker, lol).  When I checked at the medical equipment store in Kensington, it was more than double the cost ($571!) of buying it online.  So, I'd check prices...

    You don't *need* the presription to buy them.  I've bought them before without one.


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  • I don't know if Lincare is up that way, but it's a medical supply store and they carry them. 

    Check - it sells clothing and accessories for nurses and they have several types of compression stockings to choose from at reasonable prices.  

    I asked for a pair when I was in labor because I was supposed to have pulsatiles (electronic boots that compress and decompress periodically to increase blood flow to prevent clots) but I felt the stockings would be easier to wear in labor...and they were

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  • This probably isn't very close to you, but Preston's Pharmacy in Arlington carries them.  That's where I got mine last time.  It's on Lee Highway close to VHC.
  • The prescription is to make sure it's the right degree of compression and also the right size for your foot/leg.  My mom had prescription ones after being hospitalized for pulmonary emboli and the guy had to measure her foot and ankle to make sure it was right to be tight enough all over (but not too tight).  You could probably get more general compression stockings at other medical supply places, but it's possible they wouldn't be as exactly what the doctor ordered.  The place my mom went to did bill insurance directly - maybe this Cheryl's place is recommended because they not only do the more custom fits but also bill to insurance differently than just buying supplies at a well-stocked pharmacy.
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  • This isn't terribly helpful now in this heat, but I bought several pairs of compression pantyhose from Pea in the Pod for the colder weather when I was swelling and they were super comfy.  A little pricey, but worth it.  Good luck!!  I swelled so much that DH couldn't find my ankle bones when we were trying to use acupressure to get labor started at the end.  Now that I'm 8 weeks pp, I think I have the sexiest, skinniest ankles I've ever seen!  :)  It's so exciting when the swelling finally goes away!
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