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September weather in Portland?

Hi ladies,

My DH, LO and I will be in the Portland area (Carlton) for a wedding the weekend of Sept. 17 and I could really use some help determining what to pack. We live in AZ, so we are used to 100+ weather well into September.

What is the weather like mid-September in Oregon? Do I need to pack sweaters and jeans? Should I bring jackets? What about for my LO? If I get a pram suit or bunting will that be enough for her?

As far as the wedding goes, it will be an outdoor evening event with cocktail attire. I have not dressed up in a while and have no idea if ladies wear pantyhose anymore.

 Any advice is welcome! Thanks :-) 

Re: September weather in Portland?

  • Our weather varies so's the link for the 10 day forecast, you can save it on your computer and it automatically updates every day...

    I would plan on it being low 70's in September, and high 50's at night.  Definetly long pants, and a sweater for you.  Your baby should be fine in long pants and a long sleeved shirt, you won't need to buy a special "winter coat" or anything like that.  Plan for a 50% chance of rain, but usually September is a really pretty sunny month here.

    Carlton is out by Estacada right?  I think it will be colder out there, it's kind of woodsy.

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  • Thanks for the reply and the weather link. Carlton is to the SW of Portland. We will be on a farm so it probably will be cooler than in the city.

    Thanks again! 

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  • September is *usually* some of the best weather in Oregon... but it's shaping up to be pretty cool and wet. Like always when you visit OR, pack for everything. In Sept, it could be 90 and sunny or 60 and raining. Definitely bring rain coats for everyone. The best thing to do is dress in layers so that you can adjust as the weather changes. Even on hot, sunny days, the mornings and evenings can be cool.

    Oh, and Carlton in is the valley, south of Forest Grove and McMinnville, ladies. The valley is usually a couple of degrees warmer than Portland, but otherwise has similar weather. Regardless, check weather reports for that zip code for the most accurate report.

    I'm pretty sure that panyhose are optional these days. But I'd definitely be wearing them on a cool day.

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  • I'm going to be IN a wedding that day. I'm hoping for good weather! But also hoping it's not really hot. Last year my BIL got married on Sept 12th and it was in the mid 90s. The PacNW is very unpredictable. The above posts pretty much cover it! Wink
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  • You should pack very warm clothes, I am already freezing. Especially if you are coming towards the end of the month. The nights are very crisp and freezing by that time, and the daytime is cold too.
  • If you are used to 100 degree weather, pack warm clothes!  You can go without tights if you want, but they always keep me warm.  xo 
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