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1st Trimester

Working out and morning sickness

So I started a good workout routine about 7 months before I got pregnant.   I was working out 5 days a week for an hour a day.   Now I'm having trouble getting motivated to work out at all.  In the morning I feel way too sick to my stomach to even consider it and in the afternoon, I'm so tired I really don't want to move.   I want to stay active though so I don't gain more weight than necessary and so later I can get rid of the baby weight. 


How do you work out during the first trimester?   What would you do?

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Re: Working out and morning sickness

  • Since I found out I was pg 2.5 weeks ago I have only worked out once and I felt nauseus afterwards so it might be a while. Don't forget not to get your heart rate over 145. I find that if I do anything more than a fast walk my heart rate goes to high. So I walk fast on a incline and do yoga and some weights sometimes.
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  • When I got pregnant with my first I had already had intense workout plan that I did 4-5 days a week.  I had a lot of problems in the first trimester with bleeding so I pretty much took it easy and stopped my workout altogether. 

    With this one I have already had the same problems in the first trimester with spotting again and am pretty much taking it easy.  When I do exercise I just take Mason for a long walk and try not to push myself too hard.  I've only gained 2 pounds in two months, and I am telling myself that I am not going to gain as much this time around. 

    And, I agree with the previous poster about your heart rate not going above 145 bpm.  I would just do what you can and not push yourself too hard. 

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  • The heart rate being below 145 is pretty much a myth. You can work out as long as you are able to keep a conversation going.

    I've read many books and even have the running while pregnant book that says that the heart rate thing, is really old and outdated. Just listen to your body.

    I am marathoner and will be about 14 weeks when I run another full. I do notice that I am a lot slower and my 8th mile feels like my 18th mile. So to take it easy, I go slow and take frequent walk breaks.

    When I am too tired to workout, i just don't. 


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  • I second the Loanbpham.


    Listen to your body.  Take advantage of the days/times that you do feel like working out, and give yourself a break on the days that you just can't find the energy.  Think long term.  The first trimester blahs will be over before you know it and you'll have plenty of time to work on pregnancy fitness.  If you're worried about excess weight gain in the first trimester focus on making healthy eating choices and not eating TOO MUCH.  I know this can be hard when we're so tired and so picky!


    Good luck! 

  • skioskio
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    Don't force yourself. We need to be listening to our bodies in the first tri - we wouldn't feel a bajillion times more tired than usual if our bodies didn't need the rest.

    I was also on a great workout regimen before BFP, and I haven't done squat since. My first two weeks, I was really crampy and spotted once so running was a bad idea. M/S hit hard during week 5 and I haven't been able to do much since.

    When I feel good, I go for walks with DH and the dog. I'm still really sick, but looking forward to feeling better so I can get a couple jogs in. And I plan to do prenatal yoga starting at week 20 or so.

    IMO, the people who are concerned about over-gaining don't have to worry too much about it. You're already thinking ahead about health & fitness and that's great. I think you'll be fine, just do what you can!

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  • The 145 heartbeat is just an old rule.  Everyone's heartrate is different and as long as you can hold a conversation, you are fine.

    It's really hard when you're tired and not feeling good.  I pretty much laid off my w/o routine from 6-9 weeks.  If you feel okay in the afternoon, I would try to do something, even if it's just go for a walk.  It does help with the exhaustion, believe it or not.  Otherwise, just do what you can and get back into it once you start feeling better.

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  • I would also like to add, don't feel guilty at all for not workingout.

    I keep reading from magazines, and other people (who probably never got pregnant) that exercising everyday for 30 min will make you less tired. Well, I was extremely fatigued one day, but had to work out because I that's what I heard that we're supposed to do...and guess what? I haven't worked out in a whole week and will not be able until Sunday. The next day I woke up and was struck with a sinus infection and fever.

    So..listen to your body. 

    I am so tired of the media telling us to eat a very healthy diet and exercise everyday to keep us healthy. Well guess what, for about a week, the thought healthy foods made me want to vomit. And yes working out is good for us, but sometimes even a flight of stairs gets me out of breath. Take it easy and workout when you feel up to it.

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