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Tell me about FMLA benefits. My principal just came to me and was asking if I knew how soon anything would happen and that we need to get those FMLA papers sent it.

What do they do? Obviously I know I can ask her, but wanted to ask you ladies first.


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  • It allows you to have up to 12 weeks of leave while holding your position at your job. It is unpaid and pay would depend on your job and what benefits you have. I have to use a combo of vacation time and short term disability then I have about 2 weeks left that will be unpaid.  I had to fill out some paperwork, as did my doctor, and got that in before I actually had the babies so I didn't have to worry about it afterwards. I did have to call them to just verify when I actually had them.
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  • At my company, it protected my job for 12 weeks.  As a result, I worked until 4 days before my induction so that I could take 11 weeks, 1 day off to be with my babies.  My company only paid for 5 weeks of my STD while I was off so the remainder of the time was accured PTO from last year and some from this year.  I could not take the time unpaid unless I exhausted all PTO.


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  • Like pp's said it will allow you 12 weeks of job protection.  For most jobs it is unpaid, unless you have awesome benefits.  I live in Ca and was placed off work at 24 weeks and went on disability until I gave birth.  That gave me about 1/2 my usual monthly pay (State disability) from 28 weeks until delivery at 36 weeks.  Then I had 8 weeks of diability after c section which again gave my 1/2 my usual pay through the state disability program.  Then I got 6 weeks of Paid Family Leave through their program here in Ca which again was about 1/2 my usual pay.  I didn't go back to work until the girls were 6 mos. but the remainder was all unpaid.  For me, the FMLA kicked in once the babies were born and basically it not only ensured me my job (not really an issue) but it gave me my benefits, which was good.  I also had my benefits while on disability since I was still an employee.  My boss was ok with that and it was all arranged and agreed upon before I left.  Had she been a stickler and not flexible at all she could have said only 12 weeks allowed under the law and after than your job is not protected.  I would talk with your boss and make whatever arrangements you want ahead of time.  I would hate for you to get placed off of work via emergency and have no plan in place.  GL!     
  • thanks kelliwill!

    you always give me awesome info! I may just have questions for you all the time! LOL

    Love your pics and names of your precious girls! I can't wait!

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  • You might also want to check your teachers contract.  Ours says that we can use up to 8 weeks of sick days as paid time off and then take the remainder of the 12 weeks unpaid.  I just talked to my HR department and they said that for us the FMLA starts the day the girls are born, so any leave before would just use my sick time and then I can still take 12 weeks after they are born.  I have to look into something else because in Massachusetts we have the MA Maternity Leave Act, which grants a woman with a single pregnancy 8 weeks leave and one having twins with 16 weeks.  According to the law you are entitled to the greater of the two benefits (whether it be FMLA or MMLA).  I am hoping I can get the 16 weeks cause I'd love another 4 weeks at home!
  • I am a teacher also and just found out I can take a "semester leave" if I need more time than the FMLA allows. I would have to leave at the beginning of the new semester. It would need to be approved by my principal, and since I have never taken leave it would be. It is unpaid but my job is safe. I am back and forth between this and the 12 weeks because I will be delivering around Jan/Feb and will probably be out of work at least a couple weeks before. 

    I have so many FMLA questions but quite a few were answered here, thanks for asking!!  

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