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I'm thinking of buying some. Do you like them with their cloth inserts or disposable ones? Also, would I need to buy those snap in liners & if so, how much?? Are they a good overnight CD?? Any input would be appreciated... 1ht :)
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Re: XP:: gdiapers

  • This was the first type of CDs that I bought. They are great for begining CDers because they  dont require folding or much effort to prepare. Buy the starter set, it comes with 2 covers, 3 plastic snap ins, and a few disposable/ flushable inserts and a swish stick and hanger. Every gdiaper that you buy will come with at least one plastic snap in. I use the fleece/hemp liners (we cant flush ours with our sepic system) and the cloth ones seem a lot more absorbant (and they are reusable so I dont have to keep spending money on more). I have had no problems with overnight leaking. My only complaint about these is if your child has a larger waist or is chubby, the velcro tabs can rub agaist their hips and leave red marks, my son is 21lbs and we have meds and he is just starting to get to the point were we cant fasten the velcro far enough to not rub agaisnt his hips so we rarely use them anymore.

  • I have a set of two brand new gdiapers that I can sell you. I don't think they'll fit my chunky monkey. I paid $30 - I could sell them to you for $20 (shipping included). They are size small (come with snap in liners) - one is vanilla color, one is orange color. They're really cute, I've just gone overboard with the CDs. 

    PM me or email me at ZoesMom529 at gmail dot com

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