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CD Moms - help me get ready!

SO my generous best friend is letting me use all her Kissaluvs and some prefolds with snappi to try out CDing the first few months. All of a sudden I am 36.5 weeks and I realize I've got some other stuff to get to be prepared for this!

I know I need to buy a diaper pail and some laundry soap for them. Also some diaper rash cream that is okay for CD's.  I have one wetbag.

 Can you recommend what brands to buy/not buy of the things remind me of anything else I am going to need???? Thank you!!

Re: CD Moms - help me get ready!

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    Do you have covers for the Kissaluvs and prefolds?  We love Thirsties covers. 

    As far as detergents, we've been through several different kinds to find one that worked well with our hard water.  We've liked Purex Free and Clear, powdered Planet, and Seventh Generation Delicate Care.

    For CD safe diaper rash creams we use either California Baby diaper cream or Northern Essence diaper salve.  The salve is my favorite!  It smells yummy, is easy to apply in stick form, and it works better than ANYTHING we've tried (and Ethan had some nasty rashes from his food allergies).  You have to order it online but some sites have free shipping (I think Happy Baby Company carries it still, they're based out of Pittsburgh and offer free shipping). 

    Have you considered cloth wipes?  They were super, super easy with bf poop.  I had so many baby washcloths that I used a set for wipes.  I would just wet them and throw them in the pail with the dirty diapers.  It was nice to not worry about a separate garbage can for dirty disposable wipes.

    Good luck!  We are so happy that we stuck with cloth and I'm excited to use all of the tiny newborn diapers again.

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    -Another vote for Thirsties covers!

    -Pail liner - Wahmies

    -Wet Bags - Wahmies, PlanetWise or Leslie's Boutique

    -Laundry soap - do you know if your water is really hard? And do you have a top loader or a HE washer? If it's not hard and you have a top loader, start with trying something you can get easily at the grocery store like Purex Free and Clear  or Seventh Generation Delicate Care and just make sure you use about 1/4 of the amount you'd normally use.

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    We do have thirsties covers!

    I'm glad to hear we can use free and gentle Purex - that's what we use now anyway!

    I keep hearing the Whammies pail liner across the board. Is there a reason everyone loves it over others?   

    LClaire...Our water is really hard, actually, and but we do have a top load washer...

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    LClaire...Our water is really hard, actually, and but we do have a top load washer...

    Ours is, too, and I've been dealing with it since we moved into our house with the diapers. You might want to add something right from the start so that you don't have to battle with buildup. Calgon makes a huge difference, but it's ridiculously expensive. If you have time(HA!) Amelia's almost always has it for $0.99 or $1.99 for a bottle instead  of upwards of $5 a bottle at Giant or Weis. Adding just a little bit of a water softener like Calgon to your diaper laundry will help a ton.

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    I actually use a diaper dekor diaper pail.  As far as washing we do a cold water wash cycle with vinegar, then a hot water was cycle with Tide 2x Free and Clear with a little Oxy Clean Baby and then an additional hot rinse.  As far as diaper rash cream.  If you change LO's diaper frequently enough, you shouldn't have a need for rash cream.  We were great with 3 dozen diapers and about 6 covers.  We wash diapers approx. 1 time per week and hand wash the covers int he bathroom sink.  We use a spatula to scrape off poop into the tiolet before putting diaper into the pail.  There are so many different kinds of covers out there.  I recommend doing some research to decide what oyu like best.  Here are the three best diape sites I've found thus far:

    One last note.  We have traditionally used covers with velcro tabs, but have recently purchased some snap covers as we have been washing the covers in the washing machine and the velcro has become so pilly it barely sticks anymore.  However, DD has been in the same diapers and covers for the last 6months and could just be getting worn out.

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