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Should I wake up my dc

My son has had a fever of 104 degrees all day today and I took him to the doctor. She said to rotate tylenol and motrin for the next 24 hours. He is in bed right now and the last time I gave him tylenol was at 7pm. I am just wondering if I should wake him up to give him some motrin since it's been 4 hours or should I just let him sleep??? My dh seems to think that if his fever spikes he will let us know by crying or something. I am just worried but I am also afraid if I interupt his sleep he might be up the rest of the night? Thanks

Re: Should I wake up my dc

  • I would let him sleep...if you have a forehead thermometer I would check his temp while he's sleeping- Just to ease your mind.  Hope your LO gets better soon. 
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