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daycare question

Hi Ladies,

I hope I don't get all kinds of negative responses, but here's my question...

If you were a SAHM that could afford daycare twice a week at a wonderful location, would you use it?  I'm finding it really difficult to keep my little girl who is 14 months active all day five times a week.  She does not have any siblings.  

An opening just came up at a great place that I'm thinking of taking her to twice a week.  I would only take her from about 11:00-5:00 twice a week, usually less.  I'm feeling super guilty, but everyone that goes there says their kids love it.  I would use the free time to exercise, lose some weight, maybe try to work once a week (I used to be freelance graphic designer), run errands, cook healthy meals, and clean the house. Advice?

Thanks for reading this! 

Re: daycare question

  • Hell yes I would!! And don't let anybody make you feel guilty about having some "you time". As far as I'm concerned, every mom could use some good quality time to herself! Do it! Oh yeah, plus socialization and all the good stuff for your kid, too ; )
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  • I work for the schools and totally plan on my daughter going to daycare 2 days per week next summer when I am at home.  She needs the socialization and time away and I am a better mom when I get a break.  You should have no guilt about it whatsoever!  
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  • Hi,

    I'm a SAHM with a 6 month old, and I often wonder if I'm stimulating her enough. The socialization could be great for your baby! It's also so helpful to have the necessary "me" time. Bottom line: you have to due what feels right for you, your family, and your baby. Sometimes, you need to try things out to see if they work.

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  • if you can afford it and its what you want to do...go for it!  she will need to learn socialization skills eventually..and i dont think its too early to start.  i worked with toddlers (15 mo-3 yrs ) for a long time and although sometimes it seemed like too long a day for them (since they went all week all day) was great for them to learn to be social, and start learning about school.
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  • Yes. My 11 month old has been going 1 time a week for a while just so I can have a day to clean.
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  • I would for sure go for it too. For the reasons states time and socialization. Good luck!
  • Heck yeah! I was a SAHM until DH took over as a SAHD (and still is). We'd LOVE to be able to afford that. I think 2 d/wk sounds perfect - not too much, but enough time for you to get things done and enough for your LO to socialize.
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  • I agree with everyone else, I would go for it!
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