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First Aid/Grooming Kit

First time mom here and stumped on which way to go....  Should I get a first aid/grooming kit or is it better to buy the pieces separately?  If so, what do you recommend as the individual pieces?  Or is there a kit that you like?

I've been looking at the Summer Infant Healthcare & Grooming kit but just not sure....

TIA!  :) 


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Re: First Aid/Grooming Kit

  • Someone gave me a kit.  It was fine and nice to have I guess, but honestly, I didn't use half the stuff in it b/c the quality just wasn't that great.  Here's what you really need:

    Comb/Brush (if your baby has hair like mine did!)

    Medicine Dropper (Pharmacy will give you these with your Rx)

    Nose sucker (the hospital ones are better than any in the store so just steal a bunch of those!)

    Tiny nail clippers/files

    Thermometer (some will say it must be rectal- we did just fine with our ear one!)






  • Totally agree with pp.

    We got the big system and used about 30% of it. Overall we used the pacifier medicine dropper, the nose sucker from the hospital, a tiny finger nail clipper, and a forehead thermometer. For us, the rest was kinda overkill. Also, if you needed any other items they are usually at your local drug store or at target/walmart. 

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  • Ditto pp's.  I think I bought 1 (2?) things myself. 

    Nasal Aspirator:  hospital gave me.  Better than any I've seen in the store anyway.

    Thermometer:  already had a regular digital one I used when I temped while TTC that we use for him.  Never really use it myself, so just use it now for Ryan.

    Nail clippers/file:  just use the ones we already have.  I filed his nails at first.  Now I just put one clip in one side and tear it the rest of the way off or clip it all of.  He sits just fine for me doing it, so works pretty easily.  My sister used to bite them off her son as a newborn.

    Comb/brush:  hospital gave me a comb, but Ryan has so little hair we don't even use that.

    Medicine dropper:  any med that needs it comes with one.  Haven't had a reason yet to buy one on my own.

    So that leaves the brush (which, of course, doesn't get used with the lack of hair) and baby gum/tooth brush that I bought myself, I think?

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  • someone gave me a basic kit which was good. its not something id spend alot on
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  • Thanks so so much!!!  :)
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