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show me your baby's closet

I am getting ready to hang new shelves and rods in the closet in the nursery and would love some input. How much hanging vs. shelf space do you use? What clothing items do you fold and what do you hang? TIA!
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Re: show me your baby's closet

  • With my DD I hang a lot more because she has more blousey type tops and dresses. 

    For my DS, I don't really hang anything right now.  A pair of khaki pants and one collared shirt he has and that's about it.  But as he gets older, he'll have more pants/jeans and collared shirts that I will hang, so you will want to have some rod space, but the shelves would be the premium to me!  You could put baskets on them for socks, onesies, etc. 

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  • I hang most of the t-shirts, sweters, shirts, pants, shorts and overalls, in fact I had DH put 2 extra hanging bars in the closet, the only tingsthat go on shelves are onesies, sleepers & pjs and bibs, and then socks and hats in the light brown socks/tie organizers

     I'd go with a lot of bars if I were you! (the 3 top center shelves aren't covered by the doors, so I just have cute toys and portraits there)


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  • I hang all the outfits and sleepers.  If an outfit has matching pants or shorts I clip them on the hanger under the top.  The top shelf has smaller baskets for bibs and hats.  The large basket is for the Moby, SwaddleMe wraps, and Boppy covers.  The second shelf has bins for receiving blankets, cloth diapers/burp rags, shorts/pants, and gowns.  The bigger bins have sheets, toys, books, etc,   




    I organized onsies and their matching pants in a dresser drawer with these from Target:

     Product Image Drawer Organizer with 3 Compartments

    Each row is the perfect size to hold 5 folded onsies and 2 pairs of matching pants.


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  • i have a picture of my nursery closet in my blog post about the nursery being done.  i got my inspiration from the baby room bio website.

    my nursery is seen here:

  • k, that was weird.  the above post is my sister's online id who was apparently logged in from being on the nest.

    i have nursery closet pics on my blog... link in siggy, or the direct post is here: 
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