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Do they work?  Any experience with the Prince Lionheart one?  And I was reading in "Baby Bargains" that they don't recommend a wipe warmer, but they don't really say why...anyone know about this?
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Re: Wipe warmers

  • my MIL was telling me she thought i should get one since we're having a winter baby, it's cold where we live, etc. so to humor her i looked into them a little.  But i think we're skipping it, it just seems pointless to me. actually a woman caught me looking at one in target & she asked me if she could give advice, she said she tried one & it dried out the wipes, so she ended up having to throw dried out wipes out, so instead if it was too cold she'd sometimes just rub one in her hand before using it on the baby or even run it under a little warm water. my other worry with one was, the baby would get used to having nice warm wipes at home but then if we traveled or were out somewhere they'd get a cold one, depending on the baby, that could make for difficult diaper changes.  
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  • A friend of mine who is a new mother actually said I should get one since her son would freak out once the cold wine touched his bum.  I wasnt plannign on registering for it until she said this.
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  • I thought it was a waste of money until DD came home and screamed when I touched her little bottom with a cold wipe and it was in the middle of summer!  I actually got it as a gift and was glad I did.  It was a pretty good investment for the first couple months.  

    I had the Munchkin one and the wipes didn't dry out until it was pretty much empty.  I just added a few drops of water to the wipes.

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  • I would be concerned about bacteria.  Also, this seems to be in the category of "useless junk you don't really need".

    I found the following from https://www.babygizmo.com/news/popularbutunsafe.php : 

    Thousands and thousands have been recalled for malfunctioning and causing fires in the most precious room in your house. Let's see why: an electrical box that heats up wet paper right next to our sleeping baby? Yeah, the danger in clear. So why are so many moms still buying them? Stop! Most of us live in cold climates and know all too well how tiny bums don't appreciate a freezing wipe. But God gave you 2 hands. Use them. Pressed together with a wipe in between for just a few seconds and your body heat will magically warm them: quickly, safely and for free!


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  • it's not necessary.  plus, you'll be doing hundreds of diaper changes on the go & if LO is used to warm wipes, it won't be fun.  just my two cents!
  • We didn't get one at first but DS HATED having his diaper changed in the beginning.  So we ended up buying one from Target.  He still screamed- but maybe a little less- lol.  Probably not worth it unless someone buys it for you.






  • I never used one and my kids have been fine.  The wipes are a little cool, but nothing drastic. 

    And I had one spring and one winter baby.

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  • I initially used one (the prince lionheart) because we were using cloth wipes and it was the best way to keep them moist. My aunt who is a prof of pediatric nursing finally convinced me to stop using it because of the risk of bacteria and contamination from reaching into the container more than once during changes and then the warm environment (this was after DSs third severe case of diaper rash). So then I would just wet a new wipe prior to each diaper change. Then I grew tired of that and decided to just use disposable wipes. DS didn't even notice when we switched to not warm wipes. He was about 7 months old when I switched. I say waste of $$ and will not be using ours with this next baby.
  • I was going to register for the Prince Lionheart one, we are using cloth wipes and I heard/read that that warmer was ok for cloth. But then I decided against it. I worry about an appliance always being plugged in. Also figured I could use warm tap water if I needed to.
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