Preemies and toys

When I take DD home what things can I use with her? ex: swing, bounce seat, play mat, rattles/toys. Do I use her adjusted weight to figure out toys etc. that are appropriate?

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    When I take DD home what things can I use with her? ex: swing, bounce seat, play mat, rattles/toys. Do I use her adjusted weight to figure out toys etc. that are appropriate?

    All of the above. In general, I'd go by adjusted age, but she'll let you know what she does and does not like.

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    We found that things were to big for our DS. We still have a blanket rolled in the swing to boost him up so he doesn't occlude his airway by getting all scrunched. We use the bouncy seat a lot. He doesn't really pay any attention to toys. We do have one bright colored toy that I use to try to get him to track. We have a play mat but very rarely use it. I just put him on a blanket for tummy time. He doesn't care.
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    My LO was 6 lbs when he came home from the hospital on 6/30.  We went by his actual weight when deciding what to use. 

    He was big enough for his Baby Einstein bouncer 6lbs. He still loves this bouncer (he is 12 lbs now).  And eventually we were able to use the infant insert when he got over 7 lbs with our Ergobaby carrier.  He just starting to get interested in his Baby Einstein Around the World Activity mat--3 months old/1 month adjusted.  He is starting to do more tummy time (he kinda gets it) and starting to bat at objects.  I really am keeping it really simple for him at this point as far as toys (baby will have a lot of toys to play with at daycare, and I am thinking about doing gymboree classes). 

    I am planning on getting the Baby Einstein Entertainer in the next couple of months.  And I am thinking our inlaws aka grandma and grandpa will go crazy at Christmas.  I think I will go more by his age once he reaches 1 years old.  But most toys for newborns will say 0+, um so since my baby was a preemie--there was not exactly 0-, so it was just easier to go by weight.  I also use the weight for diapers and clothes.

    The picture is when he was closer to 6 lbs in his Baby Einstein bouncer. 


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    When leaving the NICU we had to take a discharge class on preemies.  We were told swing, seats and playmats ok, jumpers are not ok and swing no longer than 1/2 hour and to stop motion when she falls asleep
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