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Postpartum Depression

PPD? or a phobia?

Hey girls...I really need some advice. About a month ago, I felt like a "lightswitch" went off inside me. All of a sudden, I became an anxious, worrisome, panicked mom. Everything was so great before this. My DD is close to 10 months now, and I felt like everything was perfect! She's the best thing that has ever happened to me, and super fun and a happy baby. My DH is so kind and loving,and I am lucky enough to only have to work 2 days a week so I can spend my time with DD. But a month ago, nothing major happened...but I became so anxious something would happen to me and I couldnt control my anxiety. I couldnt sleep...I couldnt focus on anything except these thoughts. Now, it seems to be better, but now it seems like i'm afraid something will happen to HER. I try to calm myself down and distract myself and sometimes I can. I can be all normal again for a few hours and then all of these scary thoughts come rushing back. What is this!?
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Re: PPD? or a phobia?

  • Def sounds like anxiety mixed with panic attacks. Talk to your doctor. Seems mild enough that you may want to try vitamins first (omega 3 and thats just the most common). If not try therapy. Maybe you can talk something out that you dont realize is bothering you but is. GL

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