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Double Stroller Recommendations?

I'm thinking a sit and stand is going to be best for us with Susanna being 3 and already wanting in and out of the stroller a lot.  However, I love my jogger so much, I'm going to have a hard time giving it up!!

 I'm wondering if the sit and stand is worth it to get through the first 6 months (Oct-March) since baby can't sit up in a double jogger...but by then Susanna will also be 3.5 and even less inclined to be in a stroller much that I could go back to my single jogger.

Maybe we won't need a stroller in the winter so much that for the most part Susanna could walk and I can use my snap and go for the carseat carrier??

 Thoughts, anyone?

Re: Double Stroller Recommendations?

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    I am going through the same decision.  We also love our jogger and we were leaning towards a double jogger.  Then we started to worry that we'd invest too much money into it and Ethan would decide he didn't want to ride any longer. 

    We've tried out several strollers and have decided to save money (not buy a double jogger).  I *think* we're going with the Baby Trend double sit and stand.  It has two actual seats but you can easily take the fabric off of the back seat to make it into a bench seat or to access the stand area.  It's reasonably priced compared to other doubles and handled pretty well in the store (it didn't feel like we were driving a bus like some others did).  It's not going to be as great outdoors, more so b/c we're used to our jogger, but we'll deal.  If we are going somewhere that the jogger would be ideal we'll consider taking our single jogger and wearing the baby or maybe by that point Ethan will want to walk more.

    Good luck with your decision!  

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    Have you considered wearing the baby and using a single stroller for Susanna, at least for the winter?   That might get you through the first 6 months without a stroller purchase, keeping the snap and go on hand should you need it.

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    I definitely think I'll do a lot of walking (for exercise) with the jogger for toddler and baby carrier - that is a good thought. Especially while it's colder out.  

    I ended up buying a lightly used Joovy sit and stand on craigslist for $60 which was a good deal...and the more I think about it, I can see getting a lot of use out of it since it's easier for Susanna to hop on and off...and even if I don't use it a lot, my babysitter and parents will if they have both kids. I definitely cannot see my parents doing the baby carrier thing!  Most of the others who care for my kid(s) use strollers more than I actually do!  It's nice because it's a double that is the size of a single.

    Thanks for your thoughts!

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