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Postpartum Depression

can PPD show up as early as this? HELP

My DD is only over a week old..  I was EBF but it made me so depressed and I cried everytime I did it.. I cried because I felt guilty... that I stopped two days ago. I feel overwhelmed..I cry.. I feel like a complete hormonal mess.. I can't take naps, I don't want to eat.. My mom thinks I should call the dr's answering service to get a perscription called in... I'm sick of feeling like crap...



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Re: can PPD show up as early as this? HELP

  • Definitely call.

    PPD can only get better if you treat it and seek the help you need.  It's totally normal to feel the way that you do, but if you let it get out of control, that's when it gets scary.

    I put off asking for help until 6 weeks PP.  I wish I had asked sooner because as soon as I got some medication, I felt 200% better.

    PM me if you need to talk.  :) Good luck.

  • definitely! i was a mess for the first 2 weeks pp and not sleeping. i think not BF makes it worse because of the hormonal shift. Call the doctor. I am 1000x better now after a few weeks on prozac.
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  • Mine hit at exactly one week. we tried zoloft first but my anxiety is too high so i got switched to prozac which has def helped but its only been a few weeks and it takes 6 weeks to get to 100% effective. Just seek help immediately. You dont want to lose precious time but your a good mom for admitting things arent perfect. You will get through this

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