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AW: Having a good day

Just wanted to post and say after a few rough days, I'm starting to feel like I understand how to be a mom.  I was so full of anxiety about Ben and my ability to take care of him - I was a mess for a few days.  But DH gave me a pep talk and told me I prepared for him and I will get into a groove - and today I feel like my head is above water.

Just wanted to post in case anyone else is in the same boat...

Re: AW: Having a good day

  • Good for you, that's great!!!!  And early!!!

    With both of my kids it took me about 6 weeks to really feel like I was in a groove.  I remember a friend came over when DD #1 was around 6 weeks old and told me I looked so much better/more in control/calmer than I had in weeks.  He has to point it out to me, but I was like "yeah, I guess I sort of know what I'm doing..."  With DD #2 same thing - around the six week mark I was getting past the barely-keeping-my-head-above-water stage and started to really enjoy, soak in all the good stuff about having a baby.

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  • Congratulations on being a mama, Amy! I'm sure you'll be a great one! I didn't know which end was up until about 3 weeks, so it sounds like you've got a head start. Take good care of yourself, though, as much as possible, since that will help, and don't be afraid to ask for help if you think it's baby blues / PPD.  Hang in there and keep us posted!

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  • Thanks:)

    Having a baby really does change everything!

    I'm still lurking and will update as I can:)

  • Before I had DS one of my friends said "I promise it will get better around 6 weeks" and she was right, that was the turning point for me too. I did end up talking to my OB about my anxiety level and doing a few things to help that. Sounds like your DH is being an awesome hubby and remember, you are doing a fabulous job too!
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  • Yes  Having just hit 6 weeks, I agree with everyone else!


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  • Glad you're feeling better! I'm looking forward to this magical 6 week mark.
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  • There were so many intermediate steps for me in feeling confident as a mom, but 6 weeks was when it all came together.  Every time my mom came and helped me in the first few weeks I felt better and more able to take care of DD.  Perhaps because I was better rested...  You're doing great.  Taking care of an infant full time is a completely different ball game, nothing really fully prepares you for it. 
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