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anyones LO do an 'army crawl'

what age did they start doing it? (how long have they been doing it for?) monster did an 'army crawl' sorta, well, i guess it was more of a backwards one. he put his butt in the air and scooted forwards. he did this about 4 or 5 times. just wondering if this means he could possibly crawl soon.

Re: anyones LO do an 'army crawl'

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    DD was doing an army crawl when she was about 5 months. She's all over the place now :)
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    Claire does!  We put down at one end of her crib (on her tummy) and she inch worms her way to the other end every night.
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    DD2 can scoot herself backwards a few feet at a time; she started doing it within the last two weeks. 

    It's like watching a very slow inchworm going in reverse. :)

    My DD1 did this before crawling, too. I don't remember how long it took for one to follow the other, though.  


    DD1, 1/5/2008 ~~~ DD2, 3/17/2010
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    ethans finally learned to lift himself up to move! finally! idk whats normal for crawling but he is super needy and just wants to get around i hope it happens soon :)
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    I was wondering the same thing. My LO gets onto all fours from a sitting position and starts to crawl/lean forward but then face-plants. She started doing this almost immediately after she started sitting unassisted about a week ago. She does scoot a little though by dragging her legs with her arms (since she hasn't figured out to move her arm then leg, etc). I'm curious and nervous about whether she'll be crawling soon-ish.
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