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Not walking?

Anyone have a 18+ month old preemie that doesn't walk? I do. I try not to get down about it but some days it's harder than others to have perspective on it. He's in ECI to help him and he's getting stronger but we're still not there.

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  • Lemen son just started walking and I think he is 19 months. Try paging her or PM.  She is really sweet :+)
  • My DS just started walking at 18.5 months.  It will happen soon.
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    My 31-weeker just started walking at about 18 months.   He hits all of his milestones a couple of weeks later than the end of "normal" for his adjusted age and his doctor isn't concerned.  I was told to call EI back (we had graduated) if he wasn't walking by 17.5 months b/c 75% of kids walk by 15.5 months (so if you adjust his age that is where they match up).  I was about to call when he started taking steps.

  • Andrew is 20 months actual, 16 1/2 months adjusted, he just started walking. 26w2d preemie!

    (I'm not sure what your actual vs. adjusted age is!)

  • i just posted something about this too but in the toddler section. i have a 14mo (12mo adjusted ago) that wont even pull herself up to a stand or show interest in walking. after going to our nicu reunion today and seeing my friends 10mo LO walking i'm really starting to get down and stress myself out about it.
  • I am curious what your LO's adjusted age is. Evan was 20months actual 16 adjusted when he started to walk.
  • Trig is 18 months actual, 16 adjusted. He's getting better but I just can't believe he's still not walking...
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