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Moms in Newport News, Va and surrounding area!

Recently moved here and wanted to meet some new and older Mom's.

Also interested in meeting Bf Momma's and Bw Momma's Smile

Re: Moms in Newport News, Va and surrounding area!

  • Hey there!

    I am a new mommy living it up in Virginia Beach, Virginia! I go strollering every Saturday morning at Mt. Trashmore in Virginia Beach with a couple of other new mommy friends and their babies! We'd love for you to join one morning if you can. I know it's a drive, but if you are up for it one day, we'd love to meet you! It feels awesome to get a little bit of a work out in, as well as catch up with other moms and to know you are not the only one going through what you are going through. We meet at 8:30...It's kinda early, but totally worth it!

    Let me know if you ever want to join us one morning! We'd be happy to meet you and your little one!!!

    Best wishes

    Amber and Ava!!!

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  • Amber, that would be great, but I doubt the time will work with us....I am not above driving the hour, but at a later time....

    but then you never know.....


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  • I live in newport news aea dn thats qute a drive. if we have one in nn area that would be great.
  • You can always check out and put in the area you are looking for Mommy Playgroups or Babies in Newport News, etc. I have used that website and found some great groups for my kid to interact with.
  • Hello! I'm also in the Newport News area and would love to get to know some other mommies to be in this area.
  • I'm a first timer out in Northern Suffolk due in April and would like to meet some new moms too. Any meetup groups?
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