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ugh... what to do?

Ok so DH is being very difficult. here's the story. we have been together for 11 years, he proposed to me on our 9 year anniversary( yes ladies I waited 9 years for a ring), we got married a week after our 10 years, so we just had our 1 year married anniversary now here is the problem. DH and I agreed on ttc after our 1 year of marriage, now that time has come, DH told me that he wants to wait another 6 months to a year. I want to start ttc before this year ends. I am so tired of always waiting and doing everything that he wants on his time. How can I get him to understand its about both of us and not just him and his time?  btw all my friends are pregnant, and all I can think about is BABIES! Im 27 years of age

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  • Tell him how you feel! Be direct, be blunt.. He made a promise to you and you expected him to fulfill that promise, he backed out and now your feelings are hurt.

    Maybe not put so much pressure on "making a baby" but have your romantic/love making session with all intended purposes of trying for a baby. Maybe it scares him? 



  • I agree you need to talk to him about it.

    My DH and I agreed to start TTC when I was 30 and that seemed like forever compared to our friends since they all had kids and hadn't been together as long as we had. I was ready at 26 when we got married.

    But I have learned that it is so important for DH to be ready. Maybe you can compromise on 6 months instead of a year.

    Even with DH knowing we were trying he was still so nervous when he found out we were PG. I think it is normal for a lot of guys to be scared at the thought of such a huge change and it's important not to put to much pressure on him and to talk about it. They do come around but it takes them longer than us ladies sometimes. GL

  •  Thank you to both of you  ladies who have replied. Yes I have talked to him and he knows how I feel, I do know he is scared bc he has told me. However he also tells me that i need to stop talking about it, bc he isnt ready. So apart of me wants to drop it but then again I am ready to start our little family. Thank you for your thoughts and advice :)
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