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The little one :)

So I am having a blast getting ready for the little one to get here!  My parents are coming out this weekend to help me put the baby furniture together!  Sooooo excited!  Plus organizing her closet is lots of fun, too. 

Hubs and I decided her name will be Ella Elizabeth :)  I've always loved the name Ella, and Elizabeth just sounded very sweet with it.  DH is too funny now when he calls - "Hi babe, how are you?  How is my little Ella Bella Bean?" I melt every time!   She will be such a daddy's girl!  And she's totally got him wrapped around her finger already! :)

I've been feeling her move like crazy lately.  I even had my first feel-from-the-outside movement the other day, though, they're quite few and far between.  At the anatomy scan on Monday, the tech asked me if I was peeing a lot, to which I answered yeah (duh!) and she goes "yeah, cause the little one is sitting on your bladder -- and kicking it."  Excellent! lol

I'm just very excited and can't wait to meet her!!!  Just thought I'd share my excitement - especially since it's been slow on here lately! lol

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