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I signed up yesterday and now I cannot get on??? It was supposed to send my reset passowrd to my email and never did (checked spam to). Anyone else have this issue?

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  • Did you try going to the site and clicking "lost password" under the log-in. It will resend it.
    11/05/10 - Found out I had PCOS 11/08/10- Started Provera to get AF 11/20/10 - AF!! 11/24/10 - Start 50 mg Clomid Received blood work back to determine no ovulation occurred :( 12/20/10 - Met with RE 12/21/10 - Started Metformin 03/10/11 - Started Clomid 50 mg Still no ovulation 4/20/11- Started another round of 50 mg Clomid No Sign of Ovulation 5/20/11- Last round of 50 mg Clomid No signs of ovulation 6/20/11 - Dieted and lost 20 pounds and decided to take a mental break from the baby making. Contacted a new RE 9/21/11 - Started First Round of 100 mg Clomid 10/3/11 - Ultra Sound showed Clomid worked! Received trigger shot 10/4/11- IUI scheduled. FINGERS CROSSED!!!
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