Sleeping Together ???s

So we have the Arm's Reach co-sleeper and are planning to put the babies in that until we decide to move them to their nursery.  I am wondering, did you guys use a crib divider?  Did you use sleep positioners?  Did you swaddle?  How close together should they sleep?  Thanks!

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    I swaddled and put them right next to each other w/ no divider or sleep positioner.  We also put them in their crib on day 1.  Then moved them to separate cribs at 3m.
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    Thank you.  I appreciate your tips.
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    We have an arm's reach co-sleeper that we have used since the day we brought them home. In the beginning, they were always swaddled - no dividers or positioners. One of my daughters had to wear a harness for a hip condition so we had to stop swaddling her around 6 weeks, but we still swaddle her sister. Over the last few weeks, they have started breaking free and waking each other up by flailing their arms around, but prior to that we had no problems with them sleeping together.

    They are quickly outgrowing the co-sleeper and will be moving into separate cribs next week when we move into our new house. The co-sleeper has been great though!

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