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Switched to Whole Milk...yellow stool?

his poops looks different now! It's mustardy yellow...like grey poupon! Is that normal? Not sure if this is a sign of a dairy intolerance or if it's a'ok.


Re: Switched to Whole Milk...yellow stool?

  • my son's did that for about 2 weeks and then went back to normal, his doctor said it was fine. Hope that helps!
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  • phew! good to know it's 'normal' Thanks!
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  • Gavin had some loose funky stools at first, we put him on a probiotic for a month or two at his doctor's suggestion and after that he was adjusted fine and no problems since.
  • Yes. DD had this when we switched her at 12 months. I was worried as well. I figure it's normal & they do outgrow it as they begin to eat more & more solids.
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