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Postpartum Depression

PPA...sleep help

I am wondering for those who have PPA and trouble sleeping, is there a sleep aid your doctor has prescribed?  I am averaging over two hours to fall asleep at night (this is no good when baby only sleeps 5).  Problem is all sleep aids I've seen say not to take them unless you can stay in bed a full 7-8 hours, which I obviously can't do.  I am going back to my doc next week but in the meantime I'd like to research my options before walking out with a prescription I may not want.

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Re: PPA...sleep help

  • Melatonin (2mg) you can get it over the counter at GNC; helps to relax and promote sleep and is all natural. GL!
  • I used fluoradix (a German tonic with iron in it- you can get it at whole foods), magnesium, a hot bath and a few glasses of red wine :) I also count to 300 backwards when I cannot sleep.

    Not sure which of these things really works if any of them. I had very severe PPA and could not sleep for the first 2 weeks post partum. Luckily I got back to normal about 1 month pp.

     PS. I also tried ativan and ambien and benadryl at about a week pp. I was so high strung that I could not sleep on any of them. If ound it was better for me to do things the natural way.

    Good luck!

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  • I second melatonin. It has worked for both me an DH and is not overpowering. Much, much better than a sleeping pill.
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