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I think it's high time we had a GTG ladies...

Maybe a brunch? Madison's has an upstairs room that way we could bring kiddos... unless someone wants to volunteer their pad?

How about Sat 9/25?


Re: I think it's high time we had a GTG ladies...

  • I'm down!  I have the next few Saturdays free, except the 11th...

    BUT I don't have any desire to go to a restaurant.  B is not so fun at restaurants right now, she wants to be RUNNING, not tied to a high chair!

    Maybe a park walk, picnic, playground?


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  • Oh yes!  A brunch picnic would be so much fun!

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  • Sounds fun!  I can offer up my place if you want.  August has quite a bit of toys to share :)  We could make some yummy food here and mimosa's! 
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  • Me and my tummy could make the 25th.  :)
  • Sounds like fun, I could certainly use a GTG.

  • I would love to. I have yet to go to a GTG from the bump and I don't post on here a ton...but I am so ready to get out and meet some new moms! And LO would love to meet some other kids!
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