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Postpartum Depression

Medication and Pregnancy

I am in my second trimester with my second baby and finally decided to get help for my anxiety and situational depression.  I had post partum depression with my first daughter so I am trying to prepare ahead of time for this one, while fully knowing I have general anxiety/depression on top of it.  I was started on Zoloft by my psychiatrist yesterday.  I am on the lowest dose(25mg) for 4 days...then (50mg) for 4 days...then upping it to 75mg if needed. I am hoping to feel better on the lowest dose possible.  My question is, does anyone have experience with being on medication and being pregnant? I am scared to death from all of the research I have been doing, but some of the reports are from 2007, so I know a lot has been done since then.  I don't want to put my baby at risk in any way, but I also know I need to be a healthy mommy to be a good mom to my kids.  I am torn.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Re: Medication and Pregnancy

  • I do not personally have any experience.  However, my SIL was on Zoloft for her pregnancy.  It is commonly prescribed for pregnant women.  She was on 50mg throughout her pregnancy.  HTH
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