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Do you give bday gifts to adult siblings?

My little brothers are 19 and almost 21. When they were little I bought them gifts for bdays, and when they were teens I sent $ in a card.

The 21 yr old is in Korea and asked me if I wanted LV or Coach bags for my bday (well made knock offs). I mentioned a Coach diaper bag would be great of he can find one! The boys don't usually buy me gifts (mom always signed their name to a card), so I thought now that they are adults I would stop buying or sending $ and just send a card.

My step siblings and I do not exchange bday gifts anymore by mutual decision.


If you have siblings, do you still buy them gifts for birthdays?

Re: Do you give bday gifts to adult siblings?

  • Yes, my siblings and I still exchange gifts. We are 29, 26 and 24 respectively and it gets harder every year!

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  • Yep. My sisters are 24, 21 and my brother is 17. I usually get them giftcards for dinner/movie.
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  • Yep and it's tough, as are holiday gifts.  I was just thinking about this yesterday, how at Christmas it's basically like exchanging gift cards. Seems kind of silly.
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  • No we stopped buying for each other a few years ago.  We don't exchange Christmas gifts either.  We decided the money was better spent on bills or buying gifts for the kids
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  • My family and I play it like this. If we find something that we think the other person will like we'll get it for a bday gift or holiday gift. We do it like this so we don't buy ppl useless stuff. It works well for us. Otherwise we just get a card.
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  • I only have one younger brother, and we exchange birthday gifts. I also buy a gift for my SIL, and they buy for DH too.

    DH does not exchange w/ his brothers and sisters (he has 5)... he's not very close with them though. His younger brother was in Buffalo for his 21st birthday, so we took him to dinner and bought him a bottle of booze. I have to remind DH to even call his siblings on their bdays!

  • My sister and I try to exchange gifts for our birthdays every year, but neither of us are very good about it. I am almost positive I forgot her birthday this year and she might have missed mine last year. this year she did get me something (ie.. made one of her friends run to the mall for her a few days after my bday).. but i returned it.. LOL..  We did stop exchanging for xmas and just buy for the kids now.
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  • With my older half brother and sister we don't exchange gifts.  If it wasn't for facebook I would barely talk to them.  With my brother who is 28 I do.  We usually get each other gift cards to our favorite restaurants, or something like that.  My younger sisters are still young, 12 and soon to be 14, so we get them gifts, and usually my brother and I will go in on big gifts for them, like a Wii or Guitar Hero etc. 


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  • We do with my sister, but not DH's sisters. Once I figured out that they weren't going to reciprocate the gift giving I stopped giving them.
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  • Yes - and we are 34, 31 and 27.  And I have to say, it gets harder and harder every year.  Hard to pick up hints/ideas when you don't live with/near them.
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  • My sister and I are supposed to get pedicures together.  It's just pointless to buy eah other gifts since we struggle to come up with ideas.  This year we are going to go to the pandora store and each get a charm that has meaning to us.
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