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Anyone know a WHNP (women's health nurse practitioner)?

I am in WHNP school (online) and since we just moved here a few months ago, I don't know a single WHNP! I need to start establishing contacts for questions, clinicals, etc. 

If anyone can point me in the right direction with contact info, I'd GREATLY appreciate it! 

Thanks SO much :)


Re: Anyone know a WHNP (women's health nurse practitioner)?

  • One of the new midwives with Lonestar Midwives is also a WHNP.  Lauren Guehl, RN, CNM, WHNP 

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  • Thanks Dawn! I didn't see her info on the website, but I will call soon. I am beginning to think that maybe WHNP aren't very popular in SA. We had 4 alone for my hospital down in Corpus....


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  • imageTonya&Cody:

    Thanks Dawn! I didn't see her info on the website, but I will call soon. I am beginning to think that maybe WHNP aren't very popular in SA. We had 4 alone for my hospital down in Corpus....

    Lauren just started with them a few months ago (they hired 2 new midwives to replace Lois), so I don't think they have updated everything yet.  I only know that she is one since my last appointment card had her info on it (they use the backs of the business cards). =) 

  • Dawn- would you mind explaining to me your experience with a nurse midwife? I am struggling on my decision of WHNP vs midwifery. 

    Lonestar only has 3 midwives? So I am assuming they all take turns being on call throughout the night then? The potential work schedule of being a midwife is what is turning me away. I would love to have a normal 8-5 jobs with holidays off. I know that isn't possible being a midwife.

    The ONLY way I'd do midwifery is if I delivered in a hospital. I've seen too many emergency situations working in L&D. I wouldn't even considered performing home births. With that being said, it would limit where I could work.

    Just wondering what your experience was like (prenatal and delivery) with a midwife practice. 


  • No problem!  I have gone through the military system with my first at Wilford Hall, with an OB at Methodist (not part of an OB/GYN group) for my second, and now with a Midwives group at St Luke's.  If we were planning on having another I may have to consider home birthing considering how quick this delivery was! LOL!

    Lonestar Midwives are part of Lonestar OB/GYN and consists of something like a dozen OB?GYN's and on the midwife side 4 midwives and a midwife-in-training (3 midwives previously).  For prenatal care, you rotate through the midwives so you meet and are familiar with everyone in the group.  For labs, ultrasounds, etc, they share resources with the OB/GYN office (everything is there on-site).  For high-risk pregnancies and c-sections, they consult and/or refer patients to one of the OBs, but still attend the c-section, etc.  

    I am not a first time mom, so I don't know how much different it would be for them, but I found it very laid back.  Each midwife has her own style, but they are all very supportive in trying to tailor your birth experience to you.  Very similar to an OB office where you go in, pee in a cup, get your weight and blood pressure checked (their assistant Ophelia does this, don't know what her creds are).  The appointments are pretty quick - ask how you are doing, if you have any questions, etc. then check fundal height and listen for heartbeat.  That is it really for a reg appointment.

    Yes, they take turns being on call at the hospital.  It sounds like they each do 2 days a week. I think they average around 35-50 births a month, but I know they have had quite a few on a single night before. 

    I can't give yo too much detail on the delivery other than what was in my birth story, lol.  LOVE Jan.  The best birth experience out of the 3.

    They are the only ones in SA that have hospital rights, but SA does have a very large birthing center that lots of midwives use.   One of my friends did go that route for her delivery, but did need to be taken by ambulance to the hospital for a c-section.  For that reason I wasn't too keen on it, plus they only keep you there for the day (if you have complications you obviously are transferred to a hospital).


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