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Activities at home

What sorts of things do you do to help your kids continue learning at home?

SD is in 2nd grade and SS is in 1st grade.

We currently don't have much in the ways of fun activities or "accessories" that enforce what they're learning. Any ideas?

An example that I'm thinking of are writing paper or maybe an alphabet chart hanging on the wall or something like that. 

Re: Activities at home

  • My girls have journals at home that I encourage them to write in. I googled and found lists of age appropriate "story starters" that I printed and taped to the inside cover. 

  • dandelion, you are such a good mom!  I wish some of that would rub off on me!

    We have flash cards and have competitions. #1 loves to try and beat her previous time.  She just started having the minute math tests and at first it (lost my train of thought) FREAKED her out..she was almost in tears after the first test because she couldn't get very far.  So this has been good for her to build her confidence. 

    And we read a TON.  Both my girls love the Junie B Jones, and even though #2 just started kindergarten, we've been reading together so much, she can read about 95% of it without the three of us cuddle up and #1 reads the left pages, #2 reads the right pages (with my help) and we talk about the silly things that happen in the story.

    And that's about it.  I figure if they are good readers, then reading all the stuff later on down the road will be we read.

    Might try the journal thing though....great idea!


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  • We have writing paper. DD has a penpal (a friend's daughter across the country). They LOVE to write back and forth and get mail. DD also helps me write the grocery list... yeah, it looks cool walking in with my list written on Kindergarten-ruled paper. Wink

    We have a beginning words set of Magnetic Poetry. DD LOVES it. Seriously, when I'm cooking dinner some nights she's in there making up sentence after sentence. 

    BrainQuest cards are a staple in our car for long drives. One of us has to ask her the questions since she can't read them all, but she thinks they're a ton of fun!

    We also have a subscription to Your Big Backyard and one to Puzzle Buzz (by Highlights). She absolutely loves those magazines.


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  • Ditto!  The second blog in my sig has some links to good websites for kids, too, and some ideas for teaching/reinforcing specific skills (mostly aimed at younger kids, but lots of the websites apply to older elementary kids as well).
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