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Tapering off Lexapro or any SSRI?

Hi Ladies. DH and I are TTC and I have been toying with the idea of Tapering off my Lexapro. I have been on 10mg for a year now and started taking it for bad anxiety I developed.

I have gone through Therapy and have learned some techniques to help when the anxiety gets high but I still feel like my Lexapro is almost my crutch and am a little apprehensive.

My question is when did you know you were ready to come off?

How was the tapering process? (Because I have seen nothing but horror stories on the internet)

And if you stayed on it when you were pregant and tapered off your last trimester how was that?

I have tried Zoloft prior to Lexapro and had bad side effects so Im not to keen on switching to another one that I could take through pregnancy and afterwards...


TIA! And hope everyone is having a good day :)

Re: Tapering off Lexapro or any SSRI?

  • I weaned off Zoloft and it was HORRIBLE. ?I got those "brain zaps" that most people on the internet talk about. ?So weird and very hard to describe but it was awful. ?Obviously eventually it went away but it has made me scared to EVER go on another SSRI again. ?I was only on it a month or so for anxiety d/t graduating school, taking the boards and getting married within a 2 month period!! ?So I knew I was ready to come off when I couldn't concentrate on studying any longer and I worried that being on the drug would cloud my clinical judgement on the boards. ?I felt like I was in a fog all of the time.

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  • I was only on lexapro for 4 1/2 months. I started on 10 mg, then took 5 mg, then took the 5 mg every other day (so it was like 2.5 mg every day) and then nothing. Each time I gave myself a few weeks to get used to the new dosage. My psychiatrist told me I would know within a day or two if I needed to go back to the previous dosage.

    I didn't have any problems weaning off of it. No side effects that I was aware of.

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  • I was on lexpro for almost a year and just weaned off. I only had 2, 10mg pills left so dr said I could split those and wean off in 4 days... DONT DO IT THAT WAY! It was horrible, its been almost 3 weeks since i have been off and still get brain zaps and dizzy spells and mood swings, I cry all the time about nothing. Luckily my new med (for bipolar) is kicking in and Im starting to get back to normal, although I do feel sick to my stomache and get a headache at least once a day still, its slowly getting better though.
  • I was diagnosed with PPD when my kiddo was 5 months old and was put on Paxil since I was still nursing. Over the past 6-7 months or so I have gained 10 pounds (even with a pretty good diet and exercise) and had no interest in my poor husband :) I weaned off of it over the past 6-8 weeks and even though I did it slow and with a Dr's help, I still felt awful. I was exhausted and moody and very nauseous as well as feeling really dizzy and feeling like I was going to pass out every time I turned my head. However I feel a ton better now. I still think that I need to be on something but I am looking for something that I can taking when I get pregnant again. I'll be interested to see the responses to this thread. Hope you find something that works!
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